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Imperial Ambulance, Inc. is owned by Linda Robinson and Emily Thiroux and Myron Wilcox who were born and raised in Porterville and by Miriam Wilcox, born in Exeter and long time Porterville resident.



Trent Fiori is Company President.

  My name is Trent Fiori and I am the current President here at Imperial Ambulance. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your interest in the Company and to give you a little information about how I started working for a Company that gave me the opportunity to achieve the success I have today!

  When I was growing up in the small town of Porterville, my family and I lived next door to Imperial Ambulance, Inc., this was due to my father, Dan Fiori had started working for the Company as an EMT I in 1972. When he started, he was a young man in his early twenties and he already began to start a family of his own. He needed a job that was secure, stable and most important, one that offered a good salary to support his family. Imperial Ambulance, Inc. offered this to him, along with a house we lived in next door to the Company. My father realized then, Imperial Ambulance, Inc. was a Company worth working for that was based on family values. During his employment with Imperial Ambulance, Inc. he became one of the first EMT II’s in Tulare County, a Supervisor/Manager and ultimately the President and retiring after thirty-three years of service.

  While growing up next to Imperial Ambulance, Inc., I became very intrigued with the Ambulances coming and going all the time with their lights and sirens. I used to ask my father how exciting it was to work for the Ambulance Company and ride in an ambulance with the lights flashing and the sirens screaming. He would always tell me that it was awesome but it was not about riding in the ambulance, it was about treating the patients that needed his help and how it made him feel. At the time I did not understand what he meant, so I went to school and became an EMT I at the age of nineteen.

  Upon completion of the EMT I program, Imperial Ambulance, Inc. offered me a future in becoming part of a “Team” that consisted of satisfying, steady and rewarding employment that would benefit my future achievements.  Just like my father, I accepted the offer and began to work part-time. Within a matter of months I was offered a full-time position with a retirement plan having a 5% employer match, a benefit package that pays 100% of mine and my dependents coverage, vacation days and financial support to continue my education in the emergency medical field and better yet, a chance to work alongside my father. With this new position, Imperial Ambulance, Inc. paid for my schooling to become an EMT II. Upon completion of the EMT II program, I became the youngest EMT II in Tulare County at the age of twenty. At that point in my career, I was responsible for the positive emergency treatment given to the patient’s under my care. It was then I came to realize what my father meant about treating Patient’s and understanding how it made him feel. I think all of us working in this profession find this meaning at one point or another and realize we are here for a greater purpose than the paycheck alone. Along with that, while working as an EMT I and EMT II I have endured shifts consisting of ninety-six hour work-weeks, received the Sierra View District Hospital Call of the Year-twice, had the role of Shift Supervisor, Human Resource Manager, Operations Manager, and started the Paramedic upgrade program. Prior to completing the Paramedic upgrade program, my father decided to retire bringing a sad but understandable moment to the Company. Imperial Ambulance, Inc. offered me the President’s position to lead a “Team” of loyal, caring and compassionate employees. This was an exciting but hard decision. The excitement was to accept the challenge since my Fathers shoes were big to fill and he was my Hero. It was a hard decision because I would be leaving the Paramedic program and the contact with the patient’s in the field that I have great compassion for, but as always, the Company was there to help by retaining my father as a Consultant and Guide to running the Company. It has been a challenging venture, but well worth it. My father stayed on for another year following his retirement and I have currently been running the Company without his help for the past two years. I have an awesome staff and “Team” of employees that are there to help when needed. All in All, I have invested the past fifteen years of my life with Imperial Ambulance, Inc. and Imperial Ambulance, Inc. has invested fifteen years with me. It has brought me great pleasure and pride to say I work for a Company that has done so much to benefit me as well as my family. 

Scott Scheer is Operations Manager.

I was born and raised in the Porterville area. My family owned and operated a clothing store in downtown for over 27 years. I joined Imperial Ambulance in 2004 as part-time and obtained a full-time position in May of 2005. I received a promotion to Safety and Training Officer, the Human Resources, and ultimately to my current position as Operations Manager. I enjoy shooting sports, horses, woodworking, and construction, and just about anything outdoors. I currently serve as a lay pastor at my church in Lindsay. I have been married to my wife Jody for over 21 years, and we have three children, Cody, Sabrina, and Megan.

I was born and raised in southern Tulare County. After working as a cowboy and firefighter in my late teens and early twenties I began my EMS career at Imperial Ambulance in 2009 as an EMT-B. I am blessed to be married to my wife Leah and have two sons and a daughter on the way! I enjoy cattle ranching and traveling to other nations empowering nationals to lead in their spheres of influence. I also serve as the missions pastor at my church. Now in my current position as a paramedic shift supervisor and American Heart Association instructor I am honored to respond to emergencies in our town and lead an outstanding team of shift personnel that serve our community with compassion and excellence. Joseph

We also employ Paramedics, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Office Staff.

We are in business to provide for your emergency medical services.